Your custom marketing processes don’t know me!

Tell yourself whatever makes you feel special. Still, here you are because your intuition is screaming to find a branding firm that gets it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. And we kinda do know you, assuming you’re tired of trying to survive on “quick wins” and understand that thoughtful marketing services will help you become relevant in the long game.

Prove it.
Take a marketing services deep dive to make bold client connections.

At first we were absolutely put off by the seemingly flippant attitude of Loss Risk.

It was surprising when they told us our company wasn’t ready to commit to change. In hindsight, they were right. We were a classic case of avoiding the root cause of our company’s issues. After working with agencies happy to let us avoid the truth, we’ve had enough.

Now, we’re ready to take a deep dive into the think tank and get to the bottom of things. It’s time we tackle challenging, proven marketing processes with substance. We’ve circled back to Loss Risk. This time we’re prepared to embrace risk to make bold, meaningful client connections.

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Marketing services based on core competencies.

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Business model marketing services.

Ideal Customers

What customers or client segments did you imagine you’d be working with?

  • Easy! Clients that meet ideal criteria.
  • Customers that refer new business.
  • Industry leaders open to agile strategy.
  • Engaged clients that stay connected.

Got this.

Your Customers

Are you in mutually beneficial relationships with quality customers & clients?

  • Only working with ideal customers?

  • Consistently acquiring customers?
  • Delivering new value to customers?
  • Nurturing customer relationships?

Workin’ out?

Ideal Company

How did you picture the internal atmosphere and efficiency of your operations?

  • Will plan to lead an open culture.
  • Envision recruiting top talent only.
  • Ensure all processes are automated.

  • Plan for agile growth & scalability.

Crush it.

Your Company

When operations got sloppy & low morale set in, did you insist on winning the blame game?

  • Has internal conflict created division?
  • Do great hires fail to walk the walk?
  • Did poor onboarding break stuff?
  • Is tribal knowledge a bottleneck?

Who to blame?

Sober Insight

Willing to honestly evaluate your business goals and be held accountable?

  • Seen enough yet to revisit purpose?
  • Ready to juxtapose vision & reality?
  • Okay setting the wrong clients free?

  • Prepared to lead & inspire again?


Quick Fix

Think turning to that agency with short term patches again is the answer?

  • Waste budget trying to spike sales now.
  • Hope meetings pass as progress.
  • Sling new lingo to jazz up slide decks.

  • Promise yourself this is the last time.


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How critical is it that we’ve conquered your industry?

It’s a serious question. We believe we’ve helped navigate a ship ton of business types. Too often, we find an apathetic company culture stuck following “old hat” marketing processes that are in need of immediate attention. Regardless to what we find, we’ll help your brand emerge with a bang rather than drift with a whimper.

Industry Segments
Proper marketing processes will keep your brand from drifting aimlessly at sea.

Be bold. Make contact.

Risk finding out how refreshing a candid conversation feels.

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