Intro to Loss Risk marketing FAQs.

Aren’t your services a dime a dozen?

If you’re in the habit of chewing through human resources like they’re gummy bears, we can understand why you ask. As you frequently find yourself filling seats left by ex-employees that “failed”, is that on you? Time spent onboarding talent successfully is not an inexpensive commodity. However, if that carefree tactic actually drives your company to crush sales goals while maintaining integrity with customers, congratulation are due because you don’t have customers, you have super fans. We wish you well! On the other hand, for those aware they’re losing high value, long term and scalable opportunities, let’s talk about meeting your value propositions.

– Let’s talk FAQs.

Why do consulting firms over promise?

We don’t. Instead, we do promise that we are very selective in deciding to work with a business. Next, we do insist on beginning with an extensive and candid conversation about your company’s promise to customers and where your business might not be meeting their expectations. After meeting, Loss Risk will decide if we’d like to proceed with a proposal if your company has indicated a sincere interest in collaborating. On the topic of over promising, we’d be quick to redirect business owners to look at their job postings with their Human Resources department and ask themselves if they’re over reaching. Realistic expectations are equally critical.

– Who’s over reaching?

So you’re really a marketing agency?

Absolutely. And absolutely not. Slow down, this is a sensitive topic for us too. Perhaps we are what marketing agencies should be, but haven’t become yet. Simply put, we don’t think marketing can be separated from any moving parts of a business that could impact the customer’s expectations negatively. We only agree to engage with prospects willing to share all aspect of their business model. This allows us to find out what your company does for customers that no other company can. Sure, we’ll get to marketing too. First, we need to validate all cylinders are firing as expected to ensure what you’re pitching customers will truly meet their expectations.

– FAQ from a marketing agency

So we can call you a consulting firm?

Okay. But wait, there’s more. For just the cost of shipping and handling we’ll double your order for high margin revenue growth including new customer acquisitions along with guaranteed customer retention. Still not enough? How ’bout we throw in building a brand that resonates with your target market so deeply the word of mouth exposure lowers your advertising cost to nothing? Hey, why not promise you we’ll launch an annual profitable digital conference that opens up an additional revenue stream creating a media division asset for your business? We know what you’re thinking. Enough with the silly answers, would you just tell us what Loss Risk does already!?!

– Anxious much?

Can you clarify exactly what you do?

Loss Risk does one thing only. Then we do the next thing. Eventually we complete many things that result in a super successful minimum viable product. Of course, you’re wondering about SOWs on the front side that define what super successful means. Likewise you’re pondering SOPs that will allow you to end our engagement at some point with well defined processes you can leverage to onboard new employees as your business rapidly scales. This is where you expect us to wrap our framework into an elevator pitch such as the following: Loss Risk is an unusual think tank that makes sure you dominate your market space above all competitors. Kinda, but nope.

– That’s a FAQ.

What client deals with this nonsense?

Now we’re getting somewhere. You’d be surprised what desparate companies and owners will do during their deep search for survival. Some will actually even consider differing opinions. Those talking points in the previous FAQs stuffed with buzzwords and bursting with pithy tones reminiscent of the other four thousand “agency” websites they’ve already digested might run them off. However, they wouldn’t have made the cut anyway. There is a method to the sanity of vetting a potential client’s ability and willingness to read long winded explanations, digest the substance, ponder the intentions and discern the authenticity of a partner’s intentions.

– It’s a process.

Do serious execs take you seriously?

Goes without saying that every individual that reaches out is different. Loss Risk is made up of a tight but diverse group of subject matter experts. Each has been around long enough to have become a pretty well rounded generalist too. Whether it’s industry specific insights, engineering, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, sales or rocket ships if you like, we can probably speak your language or get up to speed at an appropriate pace. We do understand that we must understand what it is you intended to do for customers that is simply not happening. At that point, if we do decide to submit a proposal, it’s doubtful that the prospect decided we were just a joke.

– FAQs are no joke.

Why so selective about a new client?

The joy of Loss Risk is that we’ve all put in ample time within our respective vocations to be financially secure. This frees up time to not only manage work life balance, but to stay at the forefront of our passions. Prospects will likely appreciate that this ability to walk away from a project can assure them that we will be candid in discussions and hold them accountable to be decisive and follow through with deliverables equally. We aim to connect with leaders that recognize our approach is not flippant arrogance, but rather a method to avoid delayed approvals or scope creep from scared stakeholders. LossRisk respects shared risk to achieve mutual success.

– Embrace the risk.

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