Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t marketing experience insights a dime a dozen?

If you’re in the habit of chewing through human resources like they’re gummy bears, we can understand why you ask. Consequently, as you frequently find yourself filling seats left by ex-employees that “failed”, is that on you? Certainly, any marketing consulting firm would point out that time spent onboarding talent is not an inexpensive commodity.

Why do marketing consulting firms over promise?

We don’t. However, We do promise that we are very selective in deciding to work with a business. For example, our marketing experience has taught us to insist on beginning with an extensive and candid conversation about your company’s promise to customers. After that, we look at where your business might not be meeting client expectations.

Just The FAQs

Loss Risk is not for everyone, but anything exceptional rarely is in our experience.

Our experience with marketing agencies and campaign consultants in the past had always fizzled into false starts. As a result, we actually had to convince Loss Risk we were ready for a real paradigm shift.

We started our collaboration about ten months before the hospitality industry got slammed by the pandemic. After that, because of our process driven discipline and digital adoption, we not only thrived during economic turmoil, we felt guilty posting a record year.

The real take away is that as we continue to review data and revise strategies and implementations, our growth is remaining sustainable post pandemic. By most accounts, our business shouldn’t be where it is financially.

We’re often asked “How the hell did you do it?” In short, we proactively invested in data driven marketing. Increasing profits and lowering costs while converting customers into fans is due to the most transparent, measurable risk we’ve ever taken: LossRisk.

Hospitality Growth

Sustainable? – Yep!

Marketing experience and marketing consulting that's worth the risk!