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Digital Acumen?

Loss Risk builds a network of subject matter experts.

You will not find any specific openings for marketing careers here as we do not hire in the current traditional sense or legacy style. Instead, we encourage talent to email us and share your interest in collaborating. After that, we will reach out should a project arise that requires your expertise. See the usual marketing suspects below.

If you’re really good at something applicable to helping businesses succeed by surpassing their marketing expectations, great! In that case, we’re likely open to adding your contact info to our rolodex of subject matter experts. (@roledex: Look it up kids.)

Please Note: We’d prefer not to get emails with attachments. However, we expect that many of you with lengthy or visual marketing careers will continue needing to provide a link highlighting your accomplishments. For this reason, we request a clean link to a well known SAAS business or design service to showcase your work. Similarly, we’re not big fans of potential phishing or tracking URLs in this case either. Thank you.

Many mistake marketing careers as a trap without choices, but Loss Risk gets that talent holds the key.

After years in the industry, my peers described me as a full stack marketer with human connectivity insight and unique leadership skills. In short, that sounded fancy on LinkedIn when climbing the corporate ladder in hopes of job security, better benefits and more creative freedom. But I admittedly lost interest in this sterile reference blather that was leading nowhere.

Nobody wants to waste marketing careers or opportunities onboarding with companies promising a great deal of autonomy only to get stuck copying competition due to risk aversion and lack of “visionary” fortitude.

Loss Risk gives me a platform to unlock my potential. They vet their clients thoroughly, listen to their project team and champion any ideas they believe could benefit the companies that depend on them. This is a rare and invaluable standard. Bravo!

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Nobody wants to waste marketing careers copying competitors due to risk aversion.
Clients first

No, really! Full stop.


With skills to deliver.


Everything isn’t binary.


Creativity still required.

Hackneyed Values.

Let’s face it, everyone throws these “values” against the wall with some icons. Maybe they’re priorities or maybe they’re legit values. What matters is that subject matter experts and partners hold themselves accountable. We do.

Benefits? Nope.

Marketing Subject Matter Experts

Expert Data Scientist

SQL, Tableau, BI

Agile Project Manager

Scrum framework

Compelling Content Creator

Thumb stoppers

Experienced Thought Leader

Business credentials

Video Production (OTT)

Streaming subscribers?

UX & Graphic Design

CMS to custom SPAs

DevOps & Automation

CRM integration & AI

SEM/PPC & Social Influence

Programmatic to fame