Marketing by industry?

Industry-specific marketing begins by researching both your business model and your customer's experience.

Retail & Hospitality.

Is your business selling goods only, marketing a hybrid of goods and services or completely service oriented? Whatever your mix, Loss Risk brings a fresh perspective to your industry, company and customers. To accomplish this, our approach to industry-specific marketing begins by researching both your business model and your customer’s experience.

  • Are you selling your goods or services to ideal customers?
  • Have you segmented clients for high impact connections?
  • Is your business consistently building customer loyalty?

  • Is your public perception attracting quality clients?
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Keeping customers center stage at all times while dealing with manufacturers, vendors, fluctuating pricing, logistics and legacy ERP systems is not for amateurs. In other words, our experienced industry-specific marketing SMEs can manage your client relationships and business reputation. Above all, much of the process can often be accomplished with marketing automation.

  • Leveraging your customer data to build gap analysis insights?
  • Efficiently helping clients manage issues like stock levels?
  • Is your business staying relevant by automating processes?
  • Are prospects hearing great things about you from clients?

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Industry-specific marketing SMEs will manage your client relationships and business reputation.
Leverage industry-specific marketing workflows in a digital first world.


We understand if you’re consumed with your bill of materials (BOM) to produce products. In addition, you might be dealing with supply chain chaos or gridlock. That’s exactly why revisiting data hygiene related to industry-specific marketing workflows in a digital first world can no longer be ignored.

  • Isn’t it time for clients to receive deliverables on time?
  • In this age of digital, are you evaluating new options?
  • Is production still being held hostage by legacy systems?
  • What you do is difficult, but should spreading the word be?
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Our industry marketing is top shelf.

Hard Earned Industry Marketing Insights & Skills.

Earned Insight

Getting your comeuppance is gonna happen, but learn.


Don’t confuse different views with negative motives.

Hard Things

Praising easy achievements ain’t sustainable.


Being agreeable is not the same as helping.

Exchange Ideas

If you listen to comprehend, that’s collaborating.

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Our industry marketing is top shelf.

Loss Risk invests in companies we believe in. If your company isn’t genuinely committed to success, we’ll be the only ones with skin in the game. That’s unacceptable to our business model and should be to yours.

Loss Risk Think Tank

  • Walks away from more opportunities than they accept.
  • Looks at initial discussion as critical interviews.
  • Prepares diligently to learn your business operations.
  • Identifies required expertise after deep discovery.
  • Respectfully refuses to proceed with bad practices.
  • Tackles mundane tasks to remove impediments to success.
  • Implements industry standard and scalable solutions.
  • Insists on measuring agreed upon & impactful KPIs only.
  • Leads company towards independent & repeatable processes.
  • Engagement ends with goals met and SOPs for onboarding.
  • Maintains relationship and availability for audits.

Jaded Agency Loop

  • Has rarely found a prospect they wouldn’t present an SOW.
  • Sees initial meeting as drab step to close deal.
  • Had a playbook template ready to launch before you met.
  • Delegates to payroll cogs despite qualifications.
  • Doesn’t push back if you insist on doing things your way.
  • Will skip difficult steps to get short term quick wins.
  • Leverages proprietary tools and processes to their benefit.
  • Wastes time focused on evolving vanity metrics, not ROI.
  • Keeping your account is prioritized over your independence.
  • Builds internal connections to advocate extending contract.
  • You return to old habits without documentation.

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