The Spotify playlist delay

We asked ourselves if creating a Spotify playlist that will surely get zero followers should keep our lead designer from launching this brand agency’s website. Likewise, we also thought our designer of choice was kidding when they said that was the hold up. So, we promptly called a stand up meeting to ask for an explanation. As a result, they provided the team with the following level headed response.

Playlist passion was no power move.

Greetings team. When approached to lead design efforts for the LossRisk branding and marketing strategy, I immediately agreed to join and invest my time. Of course, I was flattered considering I’d be working with such a talented, collaborative group of experienced specialists. Furthermore, you have not disappointed. In fact, this brief time we’ve spent building a brand and translating it into a minimum viable product has been a refreshing joy.

In short, we’ve cobbled together a business model, strategy, style, campaign concepts, channel collateral and a simple web property. So, we’re prepared to begin automated lead generation on our terms. Similarly, bootstrapping this business with little financing forced us to rely on each other’s skills in ways that built trust. Most importantly, we’ve remained focused on the substance that will connect with our ideal clients. That is to say, none of us would dream of wasting each other’s time let alone a prospect’s time.

Vivid hallucinations to blame for playlist hold up?

Having said all that, the question at hand is about a playlist holding up the launch of our initial efforts. During our sprints, I’ve been collecting brand insights and listening to loads of music while consuming too much caffeine. But, we all know this is status quo for marketers, so nothing new in that regard. On the other hand, one evening I hit a wall of fatigue with such force that it sparked vivid hallucinations reminiscent of one of Dostoevsky’s short stories. Mock me if you must. But, when you’re done, please gather yourself and humor me for a moment.

Mock me if you must. But, when you’re done, please gather yourself and humor me for a moment.

In particular, I awoke from my over caffeinated, design induced stupor still struck by wild visions. To clarify, I was surrounded by future marketing meta mediums and lifetimes of Spotify playlists swirling into rhythmic cacophonies. Further, “The Dream of a Ridiculous Man” specifically came to mind in my hyperbolic state. Meanwhile, as you all can imagine, I headed straight for the shower to wash off my exhaustion and reset my spirit to its default self deprecating settings.

Spotify playlist titled - Ship it. - could be an epiphany.

Calming playlist to the rescue

Consequently, I pulled myself together, with a calming playlist of course, to meet our team’s deadline for project review. For instance, upon preliminary proofing of design specs, it appears we’ve concisely articulated what we do and how we do it without much need for embellishments. That is to say, we’ve followed (Keep it simple, stupid) KISS principles. Also, by using playful stock sketches as apposed to slick stock photos, I believe we’ve introduced an approachable feel that doesn’t seem too staged or glossy. Naturally, this isn’t anything new as it’s somewhat common place, but it serves our intended purpose at this time.

Many agencies seemed to be speaking directly to other marketing agencies only and in cryptic acronyms.

Moreover, we did the one thing that many agencies seem to miss the mark on. For example, we spoke in layman’s terms to potential business clients about how marketing and branding concepts can improve their bottom line if implemented strategically. In contrast, our competitive analysis revealed many agencies that seemed to be speaking directly to other marketing agencies in cryptic acronyms. Similarly, most agencies didn’t explain how their brand development process could help companies improve marketing results. Subsequently, that seemed even crazier than this playlist explanation does so far, right? Help me out here.

Playlist titled “Ship it.” could be an epiphany.

In conclusion, this project has been an epiphany, a reminder that design has a powerful purpose that is too often pissed away. Certainly, the inspiration of communication is bi-directional when done honestly. In other words, even though this site or brand launch iteration is just another marketing agency’s foundation, we’re now mindfully equipped to dive into truly experimental design conversations. Above all, we must choose to knuckle up against apathy when it threatens us with mediocre solutions. Further, let’s not pretend to know what marketing will look like in twelve months, let alone ten minutes. Instead, let’s commit to influencing how branding will connect with others even if that means delaying a launch for something as ridiculous as this Spotify playlist thing you’ve all politely questioned.

Above all, we must choose to knuckle up against apathy when it threatens us with mediocre solutions.

Avoid a slow boring demise without purpose.

To sum it up, I’m insisting we blow our minds to make meaningful connections in this business venture we’re all in together. Actually, I don’t think we have a choice if we plan to avoid a slow boring demise without purpose. Speaking for myself, this adventure will require many revelations and that means Spotify playlists will be my drug of choice. For now, just the one sound track you’ve all patiently waited on will have to do. Consequently, playlist followers are not required, ever. So, I’m ready to launch when you are. Ship it.

If you’re interested in some background ambience, check out our first Spotify playlist: Ship it.

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